"If you take care of your feet, your feet will take care of you."

Here at A & B Nails,  we believe that taking care of your feet is a top priority.  that’s why we offer a wide verity of pedicures to fit your budget are your needs.

Regular Pedicures

Our regular pedicures are anything but regular. However, this is where you will find our more simple pedicures for those not wanting to get too fancy.

Spa Pedicure

Are you looking for a great pedicure that doesn’t break the bank?  Then our Spa Pedicure is for you.  We start by removing your old color (if you have any) then we trim and file your toenails.  We follow this up by pumicing the bottoms of your feet, a lotion massage, and a nice hot towel before we polish your toes in the color of your choice.

A & B Pedicure

Our salon’s signature pedicure.  This pedicure includes all the services of the Spa Pedicure but we add an exfoliating leg scrub to removes all the dry flakey skin from your legs and feet.  After we cover your legs in a rejuvenating leg mask with a hot towel wrap which will not only help you relax but also soften your skin.

Deluxe Pedicure

Do your feet need a little more TLC?  the Deluxe Pedicure is perfectly designed with the intention of making your feet soft and smooth.  This pedicure includes all the same services as the A & B Pedicure but we include a deep callus treatment to eliminate the rough, dry, and hard skin on your feet a normal pumice stone can handle.

Specialty Pedicures

Looking for something fun to try?  Our unique set of pedicures below are unlike anything you may find in your local nail salon.

Organic Pedicure

If you worry about what is going on your skin, don’t worry we got you covered (pun intended).  With the Organic Pedicure, we use a high-quality organic product for our leg scrub, leg mask, and lotion to help up your mind at ease.

(This pedicure comes with a deep callus treatment)

Milk and Honey Pedicure

While you may never find The Land of Milk and Honey,  we do have a pedicure that will make you feel like you are there.  The Milk and Honey Pedicure uses a special Mik and honey bath salt to soak your feet and help you relax during the pedicure and after we use a milk and honey sugar scrub, cream leg mask and lotion to finish the experience.

(This pedicure comes with a deep callus treatment)

Orange Pedicure

This is the owner’s (Allie) favorite pedicure.  Enjoy the sweet smell of fresh oranges as we squeeze a fresh orange into your foot bath and later use two orange slices to massage it our special orange sugar scrub followed by an orange leg mask and lotion.

(This pedicure comes with a deep callus treatment)

Candle Pedicure

If you worry about what is going on looking for a unique experience? The candle pedicure is perfect for those feeling a little adventurous.  we light a special candle at the start of the pedicure and towards the end after we have already applied the leg scrub and leg mask we use the massage oil the candle has turned into to a nice warm and relaxing leg massage.

(This pedicure comes with a deep callus treatment)

Hot Stone Therapy

This Pedicure is probably the most relaxing on the menu.  we start by doing a Milk and Honey Pedicure and after we complete the lotion massage we apply a nice smelling massage oil and massage your legs with smooth hot stones to put you in a state of pure bliss.

(This pedicure comes with a deep callus treatment)

Seasonal Pedicures

Available for a limited time each season, these pedicure are perfect for whatever season you are in while supplies last so get them while there here.

Bouquet Pedicure

When you think of spring one of the first things that come to mind is fresh spring flowers.  So we decided to make The Bouquet Pedicure based on spring flowers by using flower themed products like scrubs, leg masks, and lotions.  we also add special flower petals to your foot bath to really make things special.

(This pedicure comes with a deep callus treatment)

Ice Cream Pedicure

Summer is here and we want to celebrate with a special treat.  Enjoy some ice cream with The Ice Cream Pedicure while we also use special ice cream themed products like ice cream scoop bath bombs, sherbet sugar scrub, body icing lotion, and an ice cream sandwich pumice stone

(This pedicure comes with a deep callus treatment)

Pumpkin Spice Pedicure

since you can get pumpkin spice in pretty much anything this time of year, we figured why not you pedicure also. In the Pumpkin Spice pedicure we use, you guessed it, pumpkin spice scented lotions, leg masks, and body scrubs.

(This pedicure comes with a deep callus treatment)

Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Pedicure

‘Tis the season of hot chocolate and peppermint candy.  With The Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Pedicure, we wanted to come up with something that really helped people truly experience the winter season and we thought that this pedicure was a great idea.  we use special chocolate and peppermint lotions, leg masks, body scrubs, and soaking salts to really bring you into the holiday spirit.

(This pedicure comes with a deep callus treatment)