Manicure and Acrylics

Your nails are jewels not tools


Manicures are a great way to refresh your nails and make your hands look great.  We trim your cuticles and cut and file your nails to your desired length and shape.  We then paint your nails in either the regular or gel polish of your choosing and finish up with a lotion massage

Nail Art

Nails 16

We love nail art here at A & B Nails. We encourage anyone to bring in examples of art they would like us to do or you can ask us for a recommendation.  We have everything from Jewels to decals, we can also hand paint designs and sculpt 3D acrylic flowers for something truly special.  Our signature design, however, is Allie’s Faded/Ombre Nails.


Whether you need a fill, or a complete full set, we can take care of you. For a full set, you first choose what kind of tips you would like then we cut and file them to your desired shape and length. after applying the acrylic we smooth out your new nails and apply your color in the polish of your choosing (we also do Pink and White as well).

For a Fill, we remove your old color and file any lifting away before trimming your nails (if desired) and reshaping them.  We then fill ing the back with new acrylic, finish shaping your nails, then we apply your color (we also do pink and white fills)

SNS/Dip Powder

A fairly new product we carry a wide selection of colors for every need.  you can choose to do a set with or without tips and color or pink and white.  we also do fills in SNS as well.